Compliance Reporting and Financial Transformation Go Hand-in-Hand

RevRec: FASB Update Regarding Principal vs Agent Considerations

Kick-off Meeting for New SAP Leasing User Group on December 5, 2017

Five Tips from CEOs & How Financial Transformation Can Help Achieve Them

Join Us for SAP RAR User Group on November 16, 2017

Ease the Burden of Disclosure Reporting with Pre-Built Reports

Leveraging the Transformative Advantages of Continuous Close Processes

Why Lease Admin Software Must Integrate with Your ERP System

Structured Data Migration is Critical for Revenue Recognition Compliance

Webinar Oct 26: Cloud for Planning and Financial Transformation

Hot-Tip: Cloud Analytics and S/4HANA are Driving Financial Transformation

ASC 842 and IFRS 16 Lease Accounting is Different for Real Estate vs. Equipment

Webinar Oct 19 - The SEC is Watching. Tips and Tricks for Compliance with ASC606, IFRS15, ASC842 and IFRS 16

Video: SAP RAR Data Migration and Reporting

New eBook: Lease Admin Solutions Need Scalability, Enterprise Performance and Native Integration

Less than 90 Days Left for RevRec Compliance

New eBook: Advanced Analytics, Dashboards and S/4HANA Cloud for Financial Transformation

See Bramasol at SAP Financial Excellence Forum Oct 10-11

Webinar Video: Financial Transformation Accelerates Expense Management

RevRec Events at SAP Automotive Best Practices

Webinar Video: SAP Real Estate Management (RE-FX)

Webinar Video on SAP Lease Administration by Nakisa

Webinar Video on Financial Transformation with S/4HANA and Cloud Analytics

RevRec Webinar Video: Ease the Burden of Complex Disclosure Reporting with Pre-Built Reports

New eBook: Configuring Optimal User Interfaces with Fiori and S/4HANA Cloud Digital Core

FASB Board Member Urges All Companies to Evaluate Impacts of New RevRec Standards

Disclosure Reporting for Revenue Recognition: What You Need to Be Doing Now

RevRec Webinar Video: Dual Reporting How SAP RAR Facilitates Gathering Key Data

SEC Chief Accountant Cites Need for Urgency on RevRec

Video: CAQ Director Asks Are You Ready for RevRec Standards?

New eBook: End-to-End Management of the Lease Lifecycle

Per WSJ: Many Companies Are Falling Behind on RevRec

New eBook: CFO's Guide to Financial Transformation

RevRec Webinar Video: The Big Reveal. Disclosure Reporting in SAP RAR

SAP Lease Admin and Compliance with Lease Accounting Standards - Read the New eBook

SAPInsider Financials: Key Sessions on Leasing and Revenue Recognition

RevRec Webinar Video: SAP RAR 1.3 A Deeper Dive into New Functionality

SAP-Centric Financials - Let's Talk About Leasing

RevRec Webinar Video: SAP RAR 1.3 New Features and Functionality

Join Bramasol at SAP-Centric Financials Feb 21, 2017

Webinar on RevRec Reporting Using SAP RAR Now Available

See Bramasol Talk RevRec at SAP-Centric Financials Feb 21

Webinar Video: Variable Consideration Approaches using SAP RAR

Rev Rec Hot-Tip: It's now too late to start a custom Rev Rec Solution.

Read the October 2016 Ignite Possible Newsletter from Bramasol

Webinar Video: RevRec is Coming! How will you Transition? Part 2

Join us for the next SAP RAR User Group meeting on Oct 11 at FinEx Forum

Rev Rec Hot-Tip: If you run SAP, you already own SAP RAR

Read the September 2016 Ignite Possible Newsletter from Bramasol

New Webinar Video: RevRec is Coming! How will you Transition?

New eBook: What is a Performance Obligation?

Everything You Need to Know About SAP RAR 1.2

RevRec Hot-Tip: Account Determination is Key in SAP RAR

RevRec Hot-Tip Video: "How to Download SAP RAR 1.2"

New Webinar Video: Critical Data Migration Success Factors for RevRec

Understanding Data Requirements for the RevRec Five-Step Model

RevRec Hot-Tip: If you plan to run parallel for six months, you've got Less Than a Year to Be Ready!

Bramasol Celebrates 20th Anniversary

Webinar Video: SAP RAR 1.2 The Latest in SAP RAR Functionality

New SAP RAR webinar video now available

Bramasol First to Implement SAP RAR 1.2 for Major Client

Webinar Video: Using Fiori to Improve SAP RAR Usability and Efficiency

New eBook: Using Proof of Concept to Jumpstart RevRec Projects

Webinar Video: SAP RAR Cloud Platform Gets You Up and Running Quickly

ASUG Webcast May 4 - SAP Revenue Accounting and Reporting (RAR)

Revenue Recognition Update from the Chief Accountant of the SEC

Bramasol RevRec Session at SAPPHIRE NOW on May 19, 2016

Bramasol Recognized Among 20 Most Promising SAP Solution Providers by CIOReview

Testing of SAP RAR 1.2 Release is Now Underway

SAP RAR Global User Group Meeting on April 7, 2016

Webinar Video: SAP RAR 1.1 A Dive into New Scenarios

SAPPHIRE NOW and ASUG Annual Conference is Coming!

RevRec Ready Hot-Tip #17 - What is a Performance Obligation?

SAP Insider Financials2016: See Nakisa on Leasing & Bramasol on RevRec

RevRec Ready Hot-Tip #16 - Consider How RevRec Impacts Your Sales Team

FASB Issues New Standard on Financial Reporting of Leases

RevRec Ready Hot-Tip #15 - Choosing a Full or Modified Retrospective

See Bramasol Presentation on RAR at SAP Financials 2016

RevRec Ready Hot-Tip #14 - Understanding Data is Critical

RevRec Ready Hot-Tip #13 - Benefits of Proof-of-Concept

Join the New "Rev Rec Ready" Group on LinkedIn

SAP RAR 1.1 is Now Released for General Availability

SAP Financials 2016: Save $200 on Your Registration

SAP RAR Cloud Solution gets Rev Rec Up and Running Quickly

SAP Insider Financials 2016 is Coming Soon!

RevRec Ready - Hot-Tip #12 Leverage RevRec to Drive Transformational Actions

Revenue Recognition: Standalone Selling Price (SSP)

Revenue Recognition issues regarding Right of Return

FASB/IASB "Clarifies" Principal vs. Agent Handoffs for RevRec Purposes - What does this mean to you?

It's Kickoff Time for RevRec. How do you Take Action Now?

Revenue Recognition Changes are Coming: Make 2016 Your RevRec Year-of-Action

Insights from the Recent Revenue Recognition Bootcamp

SAP Revenue Recognition Bootcamp - Boston, Dec 8

Simple Finance and S/4HANA Transform Financial Management

Telco Customers Prepare for Accounting Standards Changes with SAP RAR 1.1

NYC RevRec Summit

RevRec Ready - Hot-Tip #11 Assess Operational Loads and Data Migration

Next RevRec Summit in New York, Nov 3

RevRec Ready - Hot-Tip #10 Start with a Proof of Concept

Preparation and Goal Setting

RevRec Ready - Hot-Tip #9 Separating RevRec Myths from Reality

Schedule of Upcoming Revenue Recognition Events

Debunking the Seven Myths of Revenue Recognition

NY Summit on Revenue Accounting and Reporting best practices

RevRec Ready - Hot-Tip #8 Billing & Revenue Innovation Management

Next RevRec Summit in New York, Sept 17th

RevRec Ready - Hot-Tip #7 Use Business Rules Framework (BRF+)

RevRec Ready - Hot-Tip #6 Don't rush to simplify too soon

RevRec Ready - Hot-Tip #5 Model a Range of Scenarios

RevRec Ready - Hot-Tip #4 RevRec Projects Need a Structured Approach

RevRec Summit Held in Dallas Today: Next Up in Houston on August 20

RevRec Ready - Hot-Tip #3 It's not just an Internal Effort

RevRec Summits on SAP Revenue Accounting and Reporting

RevRec Ready - Hot-Tip #2 Start with Revenue Accounting

Achieving Success with SAP RevRec, Part 3: Structured Approach

Update on SAP Revenue Accounting and Reporting Version 1.1 Testing

SAP Announces Revenue Accounting and Reporting (RAR) Version 1.1

Preparation Begets the Event - Thank You, Bill McDermott

RevRec Ready - Hot Tip #1 - Don't Wait

Achieving Success with SAP RevRec, Part 2: Aligning the Stakeholders

Achieving Success with SAP Revenue Accounting and Reporting - Part 1

Checklist for Success with new SAP Revenue Recognition Application

Insights from SAP Revenue Accounting and Recognition Summit

SAP Simplifies Compliance with the New Revenue Recognition Standard

Start Now to get ready for new FASB and IASB Revenue Recognition Rules

The Supply Chain Takes Center Stage

Revenue Recognition: "The Next Big Thing" Is Here. Are You Ready?​

Revenue Protection with Big Data Analytics

SAP Cloud for sales : For today and future

Innovation Without Disruption

Succession Management is more than just a plan


SUPERCHARGE your sales team.

SAP Cloud for Social Engagement

On-shore Manufacturing: The Next Big Thing?

Massive Simplification: Case of SAP Financials on HANA

SAP Profitability Analysis Brings Together Information

How to Sustain Growth in the High-Tech OEM Market

Predictive Analytics and the 21st Century Shop Floor

Research Indicates that 70% of Sports Fans that "like or follow" Take Action

KXEN Acquisition Deepens SAP Predictive Analytics and Widens to Business User

Project Management at your Fingertips, Watch Quick Demo

Questions and Answers from Webinar on SAP HANA - If Not Now When

Manufacturing Insight- A Hotbed of Technological Innovation Now and Forecasted

Watch the SAP HANA Webinar on YouTube- Get the Basics

Revolutionizing the way businesses operate in India

Hanko Kiessner CEO of Packsize Shares His SAP Journey with Bramasol

Get Practical with SAP HANA- Webinar Provides Step by Step What You Can Do Today

Service Performance Insight Teaming with SAP for Professional Services Webinar Series

e-healthcare in India

E Governance in India

Bramasol Welcomes New CFO, Mina Farahmand

Upcoming Webinar: How You Can Benefit from SAP HANA in Days 9/10/13

The Business Advantages of HR Strategic Planning

Join SAP and Intel Corporation for the 2013 Forum on Big Data on August 27

Human Capital Management Systems Boost HR’s Hiring Power

Blog Spotlight: "Six areas where new revenue recognition standard will require judgment"

SAP HANA: A big change that could unleash the power of your business

Why Analytics is Viable and Affordable for Your Business

Top Reasons for Rapid Midmarket BI Growth Potential

Mardi Gras in July: IAVM VenueConnect 2013

What does SAP's latest cloud announcement mean for you?

Hot Tips for Business Planning and Forecasting Strategy

Curious about RDS? Let us help.

IAVM VenueConnect 2013: Breaking the Silos, Increasing Efficiency

Blog Spotlight: "Cloud: A top priority for CIOs"

Bramasol 1st Anniversary Celebrations

"The Subscription Economy" Webinar Recap

Managing Travel and Entertainment (T&E) Expense Visibility

Envisioning the Future for your Company

Expanding and Managing Your Product Mix with Product Matrix Generator

"Bon Appétit" from our India Team

Celebrating a Year of Growth and Expansion

IAVM VenueConnect 2013: See you in New Orleans!

Executive Insight: SAP Manufacturing Industry Customer Value Network Forum

Webinar 7/17/13 1PM EST, 10AM PST- "The Subscription Economy- How to Use Real-Time Data to Maintain Customers"

Packsize Webinar Recap: Your Chance to Hear their Story

Blog Spotlight: "CFOs Don't Know about Upcoming Revenue Recognition Standards"

Caring with Love: Bramasol India visits Orphanage

How Would You Rate Your Social Media Customer Service?

Bramasol India gets training from SAP

Blog Spotlight: "Cloudy IT Forecast Means Change Ahead"

Event Recap: one2one Summit Summary

Mobility in Manufacturing: Increase Productivity

SAP Insider Manufacturing Webinar- June 26th 11:00AM PST

How Technology and Social Media Have Changed Sports and Venue Management

SAP Manufacturing Industry Customer Value Network Forum Chicago Area June 25-26, 2013

Analytics in the Cloud: Are we at an inflection point?

Hasso Plattner: Mythbusting HANA

Packsize Helps the World Run Better- LIVE from SAPPHIRE NOW!

LIVE from SAPPHIRE NOW: Run Better

Visit Bramasol at SAPPHIRENOW Booth 2518- Get the Scoop on HANA, Cloud, Mobility and More

Customer Retention Solutions Give Users Insight Into Buying Trends to Stop Churn

SAP’s OnDemand Cloud Solutions for Manufacturing: A Perfect Fit

Top Reasons Why Sports and Entertainment Management is Evolving

Operationalize Analytics to Drive a Fact-based Decision Culture

Five Ways the Cloud Simplifies Travel Expense Management

Join Bramasol at SAPPHIRE NOW and ASUG Annual Conference May 14-16th in Orlando!

Cloud Webinar Series: SAP Business ByDesign Demonstration & Overview

In-Memory Propels Leaders to Next Level in Performance Analytics

Predictive and Data Mining is the Next Wave of Analytics Democratization

Bramasol offers Rapid Deployment Solution for GRC via SAP EcoHub Store

Webinar Wrap Up: SAP-Managing Big Data as Enterprise Information

To Build or to Buy? The Potential of Packaged Analytics

Cloud Webinar Series: SAP Business ByDesign Demonstration & Overview

See Far Into the Future with Predictive Analytics

Build the Foundation for Analytics Integration

Revenue Recognition Efficiency is Impacting ERP Purchase Decisions

Lead your Workforce to Accurate Revenue Recognition

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