Watch Now Webinar on SAP Multi-Bank Connectivity Part 2: Optimizing Payment Processing and Reconciliation

Fri, Aug 7, 2020 @ 06:53 AM / by Bramasol

Watch Now our second episode of a three-part series on using SAP Multi-Bank Connectivity (MBC) to integrate, automate and optimize cash management.

Building on the overview of MBC that was provided in Part 1 – “Gaining Quick Impact on Cash Visibility with SAP MBC”, this webinar shifts into the Optimization phase of our Comply, Optimize, Transform™ framework by drilling down to focus on automation of payment processing and reconciliation.

Experts from Bramasol and SAP explains about step-by-step processes for integrating payment processing across multiple banks, countries, and currencies, while laying the foundation for securely and efficiently scaling up your enterprise-wide cash management and payment processes.

Also, watch for the announcement of Part 3 in this series in September, which will address the Transformation phase by putting together all of the pieces to leverage MBC for enterprise-wide cash positions, liquidity forecasting, risk mitigation and overall capital management.

Watch Now "SAP MBC Part 2 - Optimizing Payment Processing and Reconciliation"




Topics: cash management, SAP MBC, SAP Multi-Bank Connectivity

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