Podcast- Dave Fellers, Bramasol CEO, discusses the Importance of Enterprise-wide Treasury Integration

Mon, Jun 22, 2020 @ 07:29 AM / by Bramasol

Treasurers spend their working lives trying to avoid or alleviate risk, looking ahead and planning for the ‘worst-case scenario’ – an idea that has been given new importance and urgency by the COVID-19 pandemic. A driving challenge in this setback for many businesses are to proceed with business as usual in a time when business is very unusual. For treasurers, the way to do this is to ensure that the data and information are readily accessible and reliable, especially pertaining to current and future cash flows.

Dave Fellers, Bramasol CEO, sat down with Jim Hunt to discuss key aspects of Enterprise-wide Treasury. As companies address the challenges of today’s rapidly changing market conditions and business needs, the treasurers are increasingly asked to support better execution of the broader business strategy. In this episode, Dave Fellers provides an in-depth exploration of global trends driving the need for enterprise-wide integration of treasury functions, along with a detailed discussion of the key SAP tool sets available to support and streamline the treasury integration process.

Listen Now, If you are curious to get the answers around this core topic by our CEO, who has covered basic to high-level questions in our recently recorded podcast;

You will get to hear on the following points;

  • What are the key challenges that are facing treasury executives today?
  • Enterprise wide Treasury integration.
  • How does integration improve cash management and working capital management?
  • How SAP applications can be brought together for a treasury integration.
  • And much more!



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