Webinar: Increased Speed, Deeper Insights and Scalability with Bramasol Disclosures 2.0

Tue, Jun 9, 2020 @ 07:11 AM / by Bramasol

“Real-time data” is a very popular term in the world of reporting and analytics. Timeliness of reporting can deliver good returns to the business. Companies reporting in real time are better positioned to do strategic planning and attract investors. 

Insights and analysis are what you want from your asset management (real estate and movables) and your revenue accounting solutions. This webinar is for you!

Too many times you need to hunt through multiple solutions to find the data you need and the pretty dashboards they sold you don't offer drill through capability to get to the answers. We have answers to your questions. If you are looking for ways to speed up your closing cycles in order to provide investors and other stakeholders with accurate and timely information in a shorter period of time. Watch Now!

In this webinar you will see how Bramasol's Disclosures and Analytics 2.0 solutions give you what you really need.

We have shared dashboards with full drill through and drill back capability to get you the insights you need now. And, our improved disclosure tools are faster and more robust offering 100 percent increases in speed and capabilities to handle millions of transactions.

Don’t miss out on your chance to experience Deeper Insights and Scalability with Bramasol Disclosure 2.0.  Watch Now!



Topics: analytics, SAP RAR, Leasing Solution, Disclosure Reoprting

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