Watch our Webinar:-The Subscription Economy Revisited: Customer Use Cases on SAP RAR and BRIM

Tue, Jun 9, 2020 @ 07:10 AM / by Bramasol

Businesses in every industry are working on strategies to move away from one-time transactions and into enduring relationships based on the premise of continuous value delivery.

While the transition is inescapable, the path to transition is not. Join experts from SAP and Bramasol as we explore specific customer use cases for the inevitable move to the Subscription Economy

Watch this webinar and hear about very different use cases in which companies leverage SAP BRIM and SAP RAR to drive flexibility, scalability and insights as they move to or deepen their subscription models.

You will learn how these companies faced challenges to their new business models and how SAP RAR and BRIM helped solve them.

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Topics: BRIM Solution,, subscribtion model, SAP BRIM

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