SAP’s Birgit Starmanns Discusses Change Management During Difficult Times

Mon, May 25, 2020 @ 10:24 PM / by Bramasol

It’s time to get some deeper insights from our expert guest for this episode on Change Management During Difficult Times.


Birgit Starmanns, Global Head for Thought Leadership Strategy and Programs at SAP's Global Center of Excellence for Finance and Risk, discusses the key aspects of Change Management and how it's accomplished today, especially in the current global situation where change is paramount

Change management cannot be treated as a series of steps to be followed blindly. The people side of change involves one of the most unpredictable variables, which is "people". To be effective, you will need to provide frequent communications focusing on the why.

Essentially, change agents often focus on the processes and the new software and how it's going to be so perfect and change everything, but if they don't think about the people aspect and the communication aspect and what the people don't know, then it's not going to be successful no matter how good the processes and software.

If you're planning to craft a change management strategy and approach that meets the needs of every situation? This Podcast is for you. Listen Now!

You will get to hear on the following points;

  • What is Change Management?
  • Why measuring change management is so important?
  • How to bring the stakeholders in and make sure that they are on board?
  • How Automation plays a big role in change management.
  • How Machine Learning could be a modeling tool for things like Merger and Acquisitions and so on
  • and much more

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