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Bramasol Celebrates 25 Years of Serving our Clients!

Wed, Jul 14, 2021 @ 05:29 AM / by David Fellers

It is with great pleasure that I am announcing Bramasol has achieved the major milestone of serving our clients for 25 years now!

Since Bramasol's founding in 1996, the company has experienced many exciting turning points, growing pains, transformational events and opportunities to have positive impacts on the companies in industries that we serve.

Through it all, one of the most gratifying aspects has been the deep bonds that have formed both internally between Bramasol associates and externally with our valued partners and clients.  We have truly become a family, united in our goals and enthusiastic about tackling new challenges.

Bramasol's first decade was full of excitement as the company initially founded by Louise DePutron gained traction as the first SAP partner in the United States and began to help companies leverage products in the SAP ecosystem to improve their business and finance systems.  In 2004, the acquisition of Bramasol by Hasso Plattner's Beteilgungs GMBH family of companies was a key event that spurred more growth and broadened our reputation, staying power and ability to innovate.

During my tenure as CEO, which began in 2011, Bramasol has significantly expanded our capabilities with the acquisition of Caarma, which has become a vital element by giving Bramasol deep operational resources in India while also enhancing our global footprint.

Beginning in 2014, Bramasol took an important proactive step to better serve our clients by deciding to focus primarily on finance related services and deepening our expertise in that area.  We quickly became the leading collaborator with SAP on solutions for implementing the new Revenue Recognition accounting requirements in ASC 606 / IFRS 15, followed closely by offering solutions for new Lease Accounting requirements in ASC 842 / IFRS 16.

This focus on serving the Office of the CFO led to our guiding philosophy of Comply, Optimize, Transform™ in which we holistically help companies turn compliance requirements into both a competitive advantage and a driver for accelerating business excellence.

Now as we start our second quarter-century, Bramasol is once again leading the way on helping clients navigate a major wave of disruption as the Digital Solutions Economy (DSE) sweeps through a wide range of industries.  By co-innovating with SAP, Bramasol has brought together a full suite of building-block solutions to address all six key aspects of DSE, including Customer Engagement, Order Creation and Management, Delivery and Fulfillment, Billing and Invoicing, Payments and Collections, and Revenue Recognition. This is built on a platform of finance transformation with SAP S/4HANA and core SAP applications such as treasury.

Please join me in wishing the whole Bramasol team a Happy 25th Anniversary!

We look forward to the opportunity for serving our growing range of clients and innovating new solutions to meet changing market requirements over the next 25 years!

Watch the short 3-minute video below to see a fun fast-forward through Bramasol's journey from inception in 1996 to our industry-leading position today.


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David Fellers

David Fellers

Dave is CEO of Bramasol. After joining the company in 2007 as VP of Professional Services, he became CEO in 2011 and has led the company through record-setting growth and revenues highlighted by a successful re-focusing on serving the Office of the CFO. By building a deep and broad consulting practice that leverages our Comply, Optimize, Transform™ disciplines and a track record of co-innovation with SAP, Dave has positioned Bramasol as the go-to partner for clients that are looking to move into the Digital Solutions Economy and/or to leverage the Digital Transformation of finance using SAP S/4HANA.

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