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The Best of Bramasol: 2023's Must-Watch Webcasts

Tue, Dec 19, 2023 @ 06:10 AM / by John Froelich

Step into the world of knowledge and innovation with Bramasol's top webcasts of 2023. This curated collection showcases the five must-watch sessions that dive deep into evolving industries and cutting-edge technologies.

From exploring the Digital Solutions Economy and XaaS in the High-Tech sector to dissecting Event-Based Revenue Recognition, these sessions offer invaluable insights. Dive into a comprehensive BRIM Overview and discover how to maximize SAP BRIM's potential across payment systems. Lastly, witness the transformative impact of the Digital Solutions Economy across various industries.

Join us on a journey through these essential webcasts, each representing expertise and innovation in its field.

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1) The Digital Solutions Economy and XaaS in High Tech Industries.

Watch as SAP’s Patrick Maroney and Bramasol’s John Froelich provide a dive into how the Digital Solutions Economy (DSE) and Everything-as-a-Service (XaaS) are radically changing the High Tech sector. A key focus of this webcast includes a look at the Six KPIs that all companies need to consider

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2)  Event Based Revenue Recognition

Bramasol’s expert, Sarah Thompson, and John Froelich discuss the topic of Event Based Revenue Recognition (EBRR) in this webcast video titled “Event Based Revenue Recognition.” Gain insights into how SAP Event Based Revenue Recognition can enhance revenue management and ensure compliance for subscription-based offerings, enabling businesses to streamline and optimize their processes.
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3) BRIM Overview

Watch as Bramasol’s Navneet Bal provides an overview of SAP Billing and Revenue Innovation Management (BRIM) along with a drilldown on key modules of Sales Order Management, Convergent Invoicing, and Convergent Charging.

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4) Get More Out of SAP BRIM with any Type of Payment in Any System

Watch as Bramasol's John Froelich and Payteros' Cameron Balash provide a deep dive into how you can get more out of SAP Billing and Revenue Innovation Management (BRIM) by integrating any types of payment within any system. 
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5) The Digital Solutions Economy in Various Industries

Watch our recorded webcast as Bramasol’s Dave Fellers and John Froelich provide an update on how the move to the Digital Solutions Economy is impacting various industries and how companies can leverage SAP solutions to meet the challenges.

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Which of these webcasts stood out to you the most? What topics would you like to see us cover in our webcasts?

Our content is designed to serve your needs, and we value your feedback. Feel free to reach out to us to share suggestions for topics or insights you'd like to glean from our expert team. 


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John Froelich

John Froelich

Senior Vice President Digital Services at Bramasol, Inc. In his role at Bramasol, John Froelich draws upon more than 35 years of global sales, marketing, and executive leadership experience with Fortune 100 companies such as SAP, IBM, AT&T, and Avaya. John, a Global Sales and Marketing "Essentialist" believes outstanding results are achieved through a focus on what is essential and core to your business.

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