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Bramasol's 2023 Webinar Hits: A Recap of Top Sessions

Tue, Dec 19, 2023 @ 06:13 AM / by John Froelich

In the landscape of business evolution, Bramasol's 2023 webinar series stood out as a hub of transformative insights.

Among these impactful sessions, discussions on how Digital Solutions Economy is the next evolution of the Subscription Economy took center stage. These webinars meticulously demystified SAP's Subscription Management Solutions and SAP Event Mesh, uncovering their immense value in managing Subscription Contract lifecycle events. As we delve into the top-tier webinars, it's clear these discussions not only reimagined Revenue Recognition strategies but also provided a roadmap for businesses to thrive in our increasingly digital-driven economy.

Watch Now to get insights from the experts from each of these webinar, and stay tuned for more.

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1) De-mystifying SAP’s Subscription Management Solutions

In this webinar, you'll discover various tools offered by SAP that assist companies in handling subscription plans and models. Featuring insights from SAP BRIM expert Navneet Bal, you'll delve into SAP Subscription Billing, Subscription Order Management, and Sales and Distribution. Gain valuable insights into the crucial decision factors for selecting the most suitable tool aligned with your business model. If you're considering implementing a new business model centered on subscriptions, consumption, usage, or outcome-based models and require guidance in selecting the best-suited tool, this webinar is a must-watch. It's an invaluable opportunity you can't afford to miss. Watch Now!

2) Review of IP and Unique Solutions from Real-world RevRec Projects

This webinar unites a panel of seasoned frontline Bramasol consultants and project managers, delving deeply into real-world innovations. They illustrate how understanding our clients' unique needs and employing disciplined gap-analysis has spurred the development of new reusable solutions. The format encourages interactive discussions among panelists and addresses audience questions. If you're seeking to maximize your utilization of SAP applications for DSE, quote-to-cash, compliance, and reporting, this is a must-watch! Tune in now for invaluable insights.  
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3) Crucial Considerations in RevRec for Your S/4HANA Transformation

In this webinar, we discussed key considerations for managing the transition from SAP ECC to S/4HANA and the implications for Revenue Recognition with RevRec Experts from Bramasol and others. We touched on vital aspects from actual projects involving the migration from SD RevRec to RAR, customizations of SD impacting RevRec, and insights on the migration of ECC RAR to S/4 RAR. We also explored insights and considerations for implementing RAR first or in conjunction with your S/4HANA project.
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4) SAP Event Mesh – The enterprise value of Subscription Contract lifecycle events

During this session, attendees gained insights into how the SAP Business Technology Platform facilitated cloud integration by incorporating solutions like SAP Subscription Billing and SAP S/4HANA. SAP Experts elaborated on how this platform fosters the connection of "back-end" recurring contract events to the broader enterprise using robust tools. Particularly, the discussion highlighted how real-time integration via Event Mesh empowers the generation of real-time insights derived from managing the customer Contract Lifecycle, translating into actionable updates for Sales, Service, and other operational processes. 
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5) RevRec Re-imagined for Better Business Value

During this webinar, Bramasol experts alongside guest speakers from SAP offered an expansive overview of trends and strategies aimed at enhancing business value. They delved into precise domains wherein the integration of SAP Revenue Accounting solutions with SAP BRIM yields heightened business value, emerging as a pivotal aspect of business transformation. Moreover, the discussion illuminated the implications of the Volume, Velocity, Density, and Complexity model, emphasizing how focusing on specific areas bolsters agility within the Digital Solutions Economy. 
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Which of these webinars did you enjoy most? What topics would you like to see us cover in our webinars?

Our content is tailored to benefit you, and we value your input. Feel free to reach out to us to share suggestions for topics or insights you'd like to glean from our expert team. 

We look forward to having you join us for more webinars!


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John Froelich

John Froelich

Senior Vice President Digital Services at Bramasol, Inc. In his role at Bramasol, John Froelich draws upon more than 35 years of global sales, marketing, and executive leadership experience with Fortune 100 companies such as SAP, IBM, AT&T, and Avaya. John, a Global Sales and Marketing "Essentialist" believes outstanding results are achieved through a focus on what is essential and core to your business.

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