Webinar: Lessor Accounting - The Convergence of RevRec and Lease Accounting

Thu, Nov 5, 2020 @ 02:56 AM / by Bramasol

Discover the power of SAP for Lessors through the convergence of Revenue Recognition and Lease Accounting.  Is a lease out a Revenue Accounting or Lease Accounting Challenge - it is both! And only SAP and Bramasol can bring you an integrated solution that brings together both of these areas in a seamless way. 

Watch Now to learn how to handle finance and operating type leases and the affect revenue allocation has on your lease amortization baseline. 

Learn about how Bramasol provides a platform based solution for both - reducing time, cost and resources needed while improving speed, accuracy and scalability. Watch Now!



Topics: webinar, revenue recognition, SAP, leasing, Revenue Recognition webinar, lessor

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