Webinar: Improve accuracy and completeness of commission accounting under ASC 606 using SAP RAR

Sun, Jan 10, 2021 @ 10:57 PM / by Bramasol

If you are using SAP RAR, did you know that RAR can manage your commissions accounting process as well?

Watch our recently recorded webinar to find out how!

ASC 606 represents a fundamental shift in how commissions are accounted, tracked, and reported. Excel is no longer a viable option for most because commissions may need to be tracked and reported for several years. Many of the clients we speak with have complied with the standards without integrating SAP Project Systems and SAP RAR and are now realizing how much manual effort and heavy lifting was needed. 

Watch our webinar recorded on January 28th, 2021 as our experts share key insights on the accounting for commissions and how you can save money, time and effort using SAP RAR to calculate and manage this. Learn how you can ditch your spreadsheets and third party solutions in favor of an integrated, secure and scalable solution used.

Time is up to become compliant with ASC 606 and its subtopic ASC 340-40, which specifies how companies should account for and recognize the costs associated with its revenue contracts. Public companies have had to be compliant with ASC 606 since 2018 for calendar year-end companies, while private companies’ required adoption is 2019. For private companies this means that their first year of audit under the new standard will occur in 2020.

If you have subscription revenue or complex commissions accounting you cannot afford to miss this webinar. Watch Now!




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