Watch Now webinar on Insights from Matthews, Inc and Bramasol on Implementing In-House Cash and Treasury

Wed, Sep 9, 2020 @ 04:50 AM / by Bramasol

Anyone who is wondering how to get value from an In-House Cash and Treasury project cannot afford to miss our webinar recorded on September 24, 2020. Learn from Matthews, SAP and Bramasol, how they combined to deliver a world-class In-House Cash and Treasury solution based on SAP Treasury and Risk Management.

Watch Now to get to hear from Matthews' Treasurer, Rob Marsh, about their goals and challenges and the results they are achieving with In-House Cash. Bramasol's team will also share project insights and topics to consider for launching a successful In-House Cash project.

The integrated in-house cash application enables easy set-up and management of multiple internal bank accounts to serve the needs of different operating units. From the perspective of the individual business units, these internal accounts function exactly like external bank accounts except that cash stays within a single centralized account.

The key benefits of in-house cash include:

  • Elimination of unnecessary external bank accounts
  • Significantly reduce external financial costs
  • Streamline overall banking relationships for maximum efficiency and control
  • Enable netting of intracompany activity before turning to external sources
  • and many more.. 

For more details, now for the webinar on Insights from Matthews, Inc and Bramasol on Implementing In-House Cash and Treasury



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