Ask the expert- Make Sense of Your Data and Escape Digital Debt with Convergent Mediation from Digital Route & SAP

With the rise of the Digital Solutions Economy (DSE), the seamless integration of end-to-end processes in the quote-to-cash cycle has never been more critical.
A major challenge to achieving that goal is the often-disparate mix of legacy or specialized billing systems that need to feed into the rest of the DSE processes. SAP Convergent Mediation by DigitalRoute is a purpose-built solution that can track and orchestrate data from virtually any billing systems and seamlessly integrate with backend order management, fulfillment, delivery, accounting and compliance systems.
Watch Now this interactive Q&A session as SAP and Bramasol experts answer your questions on how Convergent Mediation can enhance:
  • Data enrichment by combining information from any type of source
  • Automated error detection, data duplication and filtering
  • Unified real-time processing for revenue-critical applications
  • Quick introduction of new business models
  • Visibility into end-to-end revenue stream processing
  • Reduce revenue loss and revenue leakage


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Bramasol DSE Team