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Hot-Tip: Managing RevRec for Subscriptions with SAP EBRR

Wed, Sep 13, 2023 @ 01:13 PM / by Bramasol RevRec Team

Learn how SAP Event Based Revenue Recognition (EBRR) in the SAP Public Cloud can enhance revenue management and ensure compliance for subscription-based offerings, thus enabling businesses to streamline and optimize their processes.



Watch this free webcast to get a detailed look at the why, what and how of EBRR.

Key points discussed in this webcast include:

  • Benefits of Event Based Revenue Recognition in the cloud
  • Specific scenarios where EBRR works best
  • Detailed demonstration of EBRR in SAP Public Cloud
  • Steps to create a subscription contract and billing plan
  • Posting and invoicing of billing documents
  • Revenue recognition process and journal entries
  • Viewing and analyzing revenue contract details

Learn more here about what EBRR can do for integrating revenue and cost accounting.

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