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Hot-Tip: Integrating BRIM with RevRec for DSE

Fri, Jan 14, 2022 @ 06:52 AM / by Bramasol posted in Hot Tips, Digital Solutions Economy

If You're Using BRIM without RAR, You're Not Seeing the Full Picture!

As companies move into the new year, The Digital Solutions Economy™ (DSE) is continuing to disrupt conventional customer engagement business models by shifting away from one-off sales transactions and toward subscriptions, bundling and multi-faceted relationships.  DSE is already transforming many B2C markets and is rapidly making inroads into B2B scenarios as well.

Within the SAP ecosystem, many companies like yours are already turning to Billing and Revenue Innovation Management (BRIM) to handle order-to-cash processes. However, as SAP's Roshni Frisch points out in this podcast, companies hit a point in these projects where they ask "oh, how am I going to do my revenue recognition for this?" 

The best approach to optimize BRIM integration for flexibility, compliance and disclosure reporting is to use SAP Revenue Accounting and Reporting (RAR)!

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Hot-Tip: Watch New Video Overview of the Digital Solutions Economy

Wed, Oct 27, 2021 @ 07:55 AM / by Bramasol posted in Hot Tips, Digital Solutions Economy

New Video on the Digital Solutions Economy

You have probably already heard terms like “solutions economy” and “subscription economy” but these don’t really capture either the breadth of industry applications that are being disrupted or the full scope of related process changes that are needed to create dynamically scalable and manageable systems for market success.

The Digital Solutions Economy™ (DSE) encompasses much more than just subscriptions and therefore DSE must be approached with a holistic mindset that brings together all of the key process areas to assure success.

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Hot-Tip: Managing End-to-End Cash Flow for DSE

Tue, Oct 19, 2021 @ 07:31 PM / by Bramasol posted in Hot Tips

The Digital Solutions Economy™ (DSE) is radically changing how companies engage with their customers across many different industries.  This Hot-Tip takes a quick look at how DSE  impacts cash flow processes and explores both the key trends and the actions you can take to integrate and optimize your end-to-end cash management.

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Hot-Tip: How to Minimize Financial Closing Time Cycles

Sat, Jun 6, 2020 @ 10:25 AM / by Bramasol posted in Hot Tips

Achieving an efficient financial close process is critical for providing timely information to key stakeholders, including corporate executive management, investors, SEC regulators, etc.  However, in recent years, the dynamically changing compliance environment has been making the closing and disclosure reporting processes more complex and time consuming.

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New Leasing eBook- Tips and Strategies for Estimating the Lease Term

Fri, Dec 7, 2018 @ 07:55 AM / by Bramasol Leasing Administration Team posted in leasing, SAPLeaseAdmin, ASC 842, Hot Tips

In February 2016, the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) issued Accounting Standards Update (ASU) 2016-02 ( “ASC 842”), Leases, which provides new guidelines that change the accounting for leasing arrangements.

The new leasing standard becomes effective in fiscal years beginning after December 15, 2018, including interim periods within those fiscal years, for:
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Webinar Video December 13, 2018: Learn How SAP Central Finance can cut through complexity

Mon, Dec 3, 2018 @ 08:46 AM / by Bramasol Financial Transformation Team posted in financial transformation, Thought Leadership, Hot Tips

Is your finance process complex? Is it all digitally connected? Are you looking for a path forward that doesn't require throwing out everything you have now?

Take a non-disruptive step towards system consolidation with SAP Central Finance, a holistic approach for finance organizations with heterogeneous system landscapes to get the most out of SAP S/4HANA.

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Can Automation and AI make the Monthly Accounting Close Obsolete?

Tue, Nov 27, 2018 @ 04:00 AM / by Julio Dalla Costa posted in cloud, analytics, financial transformation, FinancialTransformation-Hot-Tips, S4HANA, Thought Leadership, Hot Tips, Automation, Accounting, AI, Compliance

Whether you’re a CFO or a financial controller, you know how much time and effort you and your team spend deep in concentration to get your monthly accounting figures to balance. Your accounts payable and accounts receivable work doesn’t get much attention unless things go wrong, but all the time you need to stay on top of your tasks to keep things running smoothly.

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According to Compliance Week, RevRec Still Has a Ways to Go

Tue, Oct 16, 2018 @ 10:02 AM / by Bramasol RevRec Team posted in revenue recognition, revrec hot-tips, ASC606, Hot Tips

A recent article in Compliance Week paints a different picture from people who think that adoption of Revenue Recognition per ASC 606 is behind us.  Even though the new standard took effect on January 1, 2018, the issue of compliance as seen by auditors and the SEC is now just ramping up.

Public companies on calendar year accounting have now completed two quarterly filings under the new standards but the first year-end filing under the new standard is still some months away.

Some highlights from the article include:

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Celebrate AP Recognition Week by Learning How Concur and S/4HANA can Streamline Expense Management

Tue, Oct 9, 2018 @ 09:40 AM / by Bramasol Financial Transformation Team posted in FinancialTransformation-Hot-Tips, S/4HANA, Hot Tips

The Institute of Financial Operations sets aside a week every year to celebrate the dedication, drive, and accomplishments of Accounts Payable staff as key financial operations professionals.

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New S/4HANA version 1809 Released to General Availability

Tue, Sep 25, 2018 @ 12:56 AM / by Bramasol Financial Transformation Team posted in FinancialTransformation-Hot-Tips, S/4HANA, Hot Tips

Today marks a key milestone in the evolution of S/4HANA with the release to general availability of SAP S/4HANA 1809.  As a co-innovation partner with SAP, Bramasol is pleased to offer our help and expertise on mapping out and fulfilling your journey to SAP S/4HANA.

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