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Webinar- Demystifying SAP FI-CA for Handling High Volume and Velocity of Transactions in DSE

Mon, Apr 15, 2024 @ 01:29 AM / by John Froelich posted in Professional Services, webinar, SAP, AI, sapinsider, Digital Solutions Economy, DSE, Order to cash, quote to cash, Recurring Revenue, CBRR, High Tech, Software, Media, Life Science, PharmaCeutical, BRIM, SAP FICA

As the Digital Solutions Economy (DSE) has proliferated across many industries, the challenges of data Volume, Velocity, Density and Complexity have become critical for success.

In this webinar, experts from SAP and Bramasol provide a deep dive into how SAP FI-CA, with proven capabilities for contract accounting, helps to address the key Volume and Velocity issues. We will explore how FI-CA optimizes rapid processing of very high volume transaction flows by collecting, aggregating, and posting all detailed level information to the GL, while providing seamless ability to handle credit and collections. The panel will also address how FI-CA interfaces with SAP BRIM for subscriptions and with revenue compliance processes through SAP RAR’s Contract Based Revenue Recognition (CBRR) functionality.

If your company needs a way to efficiently process tens of thousands of transactions while retaining the ability to drill down and drill through to handle the details, then this is the webinar for you.  
There will also be an interactive Q&A session so post your questions below or bring them to the session.

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Webinar- Optimizing Order-to-Cash to Compliance with AI

Fri, Mar 15, 2024 @ 02:46 AM / by John Froelich posted in Professional Services, webinar, AI, subscribtion model, sapinsider, DSE, Order to cash, quote to cash, Recurring Revenue, High Tech, Semi Conductor, Software, Media, Life Science, Health, PharmaCeutical, BRIM

Watch our webinar as it focuses on how companies can optimize their Order-to-Cash-to-Compliance processes by combining SAP’s latest cloud-based financial solutions to enhance efficiency and drive business value. Specific topics focuses on use cases for emerging subscription-based business models and solutions such as Order to Cash/BRIM, Revenue Accounting and Reporting (RAR), and S/4HANA cloud implementations.

The discussion also includes a look ahead on how SAP’s artificial intelligence (AI) initiatives are likely to open up new opportunities for automation of key processes and decision-making to provide even higher productivity.

In addition to the presentation, this webinar includes an interactive Q&A session, Watch Now.

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Four Key Insights and Trends from the SAP Insider Event

Fri, Mar 31, 2023 @ 05:02 AM / by David Fellers posted in CEO perspective, sapinsider, DSE

One of the biggest advantages of the return to in-person events is the opportunity for engaging with colleagues in those impromptu conversations that organically bring to the surface new insights. These unstructured talks create the kind of "ah-ha" moments that you just can't  get in a half hour video call. 

The Bramasol team had the pleasure of doing just that last week at SAP Insider in Las Vegas and it was both enjoyable and very informative! We saw a steady stream of booth traffic, great questions about our demos, excellent audience interaction at John Froelich's presentation on "Powering Digital Transformation with SAP Quote-to-Cash", and lots of sidebar conversations at lunches, dinners and on the show floor.

Here are four key insights and trends from our interactions with fellow participants at the SAP Insider Event.

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Join Bramasol at the Virtual event of SAP Insider 2020

Mon, Feb 10, 2020 @ 10:13 AM / by David Fellers posted in SAP, SAP Events, sapinsider

Join Bramasol at the Virtual event of SAP Insider 2020. Along with industry leaders, we bring you pre-recorded session on Business Continuity in Times of Economic Disruption. Strategies and quick wins you can apply to leverage SAP to maintain business continuity in this unique environment.

Experts from Bramasol will cover “Managing Cash and Risk in Times of Economic Disruption“.

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