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Webinar Video- Compliance Activities within the Treasury Function

Wed, Feb 13, 2019 @ 04:09 AM / by Bramasol Treasury Management Team

Compliance is critical to treasury, and having a compliance-oriented mindset in the leadership of the treasury organization is especially important. Treasury departments handle a very substantial portion of the balance sheet. They’re managing the liquidity of the company, dealing with business units in many countries around the world.

Watch this recorded webinar to learn more about key implications for Treasury arising from compliance with recent regulatory changes (RevRec and Leasing). 

Compliance Activities within Treasury Function-26Feb_webinar_700x300_updated-watch now

Webinar Quick Details-

  • Day- Tuesday
  • Date- Feb 26, 2019
Watch now as this webinar covers;
  • Back-end impacts of compliance changes (assurance, auditing, monitoring, etc.)
  • Three layers of Compliance: Environmental, Evaluation, Execution
  • Compliance oriented mindset for Treasury
  • Internal controls structure
  • Known Treasury weaknesses
  • Tightening up controls
  • Identifying risk factors
  • Data Analytics Tools within Treasury
  • Demo of Data Analytics Tools


Topics: webinar, Accounting, Compliance, Treasury Management

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