Webinar Video : S/4 & Central Finance - Treasury

Fri, Feb 7, 2020 @ 03:12 AM / by Bramasol Treasury Management Team

Join experts from Bramasol and SAP for the treasury webinar titled, S/4 and central finance.

Treasury is a great way to provide a quick ROI to your S/4HANA transformation initiatives.

In this webinar, Bramasol team explores how you can get benefit for a Treasury focus regardless of whether you have started, completed or are considering an S/4HANA Central Finance project. Hear from experts at SAP and Bramasol about specific initiatives you can implement to get near term ROI from banking, Cash Management or In-house Banking and how these will set a foundation for comply/optimize/transform. Watch Now!


For More Information: Watch our previously recorded webinar video 

Topics: S4HANA, Treasury Management, SAP Central Finance

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