Podcast- The Five "Ps" of Compliance: Policy, Processes, Procedures, People and Proof

Thu, Jan 16, 2020 @ 07:48 AM / by David Fellers

Julio Dalla Costa, Director of Technical Accounting at Bramasol, provides an overview of the Five Ps of Compliance and explains how they relate to each other and mesh together to enable leveraging compliance as a competitive advantage.

When we talk about the five P’s, which are Policies, Procedures, Processes, Proof and People; we show how you can lay down a solid foundation for Compliance and optimization and as you go forward it supports transforming the overall organization.

Listen Now, If you are curious to get the answers around this core topic by our Director of Technical Accounting; Julio Dalla Costa who has covered basic to high level questions in our recently recorded podcast;

  • Identifying 5 Ps and drill deep on each one
  • What are key regulatory changes?
  • Clarify for our listeners the differences between Processes and Procedures: one is more software solution oriented and the other is more people oriented directing them on what they’re going to do
  • What are the stages of implementation of policy over an umbrella framework?
  • How does your organization circulate information to everybody who needs to know about these regulatory changes?
  • and much more


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