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Get Practical with SAP HANA- Webinar Provides Step by Step What You Can Do Today

Wed, Sep 11, 2013 @ 08:41 AM / by John Froelich

If you happened to miss yesterday's webinar on SAP HANA- you're in luck because we've recapped it for you can also watch it here.

Unlike most webinars you will see about SAP HANA, this one had a different approach- very hands on. You will walk away with good next steps on what you should do and how you should go about getting started with SAP HANA, but more importantly, this webinar gives you a better understanding of the uniqueness of the platform and shares the reasons and how you can benefit from it, now in terms anyone can understand. We also answered the question- why is  and what makes SAP HANA so fast. Curious?

We covered the "hype" versus the reality of SAP HANA. There are many myths and rumors out there about SAP HANA and we took some time to cover most of them. Some of them include:

  • Isn't enterprise ready
    • Not true- in fact you will see there are over 24 Line of Business focused solutions built to run on SAP HANA. And over 1000 companies as big Coca-Cola and Proctor & Gamble.
  • Uses proprietary software
    • False- the hardware is not proprietary. It uses X86 hardware and is available from a number of companies
  • And more...

The presenters focused on 3 areas of the over 24 LOB applications which included scenarios for finance manager/analyst, marketing director/VP, operations manager/manufacturing, that provide more detail on how SAP HANA can help improve outcomes immediately including, closing your books in hours (instead of weeks), real-time analytics driving timely offers (instead of best guess on old data) and demand sensitive real-time production management (instead of weekly production scheduling).

Finally, we provided a break-down on SAP HANA availability- how do you get it? Covering the different ways you can have access to SAP HANA - cloud, on-premise, hosted off-premise and hybrid models and the benefits of each, as shared by our partner Secure-24.

This webinar breaks down SAP HANA and makes it simple for you to digest. Have some feedback for us? We'd love to hear it and help you on your HANA journey.

Need to know the scoop? Click to watch the webinar below.


Watch the Webinar

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John Froelich

John Froelich

Senior Vice President Digital Services at Bramasol, Inc. In his role at Bramasol, John Froelich draws upon more than 35 years of global sales, marketing, and executive leadership experience with Fortune 100 companies such as SAP, IBM, AT&T, and Avaya. John, a Global Sales and Marketing "Essentialist" believes outstanding results are achieved through a focus on what is essential and core to your business.

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