Webinar Video-  Accounting & System Considerations for Post-Crisis M&A Success

Mon, Mar 30, 2020 @ 09:03 AM / by David Fellers

Merger and Acquisition (M&A) strategies are an important element for many companies to drive growth, expand markets and jump start new initiatives. However, to succeed with M&A projects, there are many key technical accounting issues that must be understood. Although M&A activity is way down right now, the current crisis portends a coming surge in new deal opportunities that will emerge as recovery begins.  Will you be ready?

Watch our latest webinar, where we took a deep dive into the end-to-end process steps needed to assure M&A success. Key topics includes:
Before the deal, What to look for during due diligence;

  • Acquisition pricing, EBITDA multiples
  • Revenue conversion cycle
  • Quality of accounts receivable
  • Timing and aging of accounts payable
  • Cash generated from operations
  • AFFO adjusted free cash flow from operations
  • Debt structure
  • Equity structure 

After the deal integration;

  • How will the company consolidate the new acquired company
  • How will the company harmonize the accounting policies of the new and old entities
  • How to manage working capital adjustments - post acquisition

    If your company uses M&A or is looking to add M&A to your strategic toolbox, this is the webinar for you. Watch Now!



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