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Caring with Love: Bramasol India visits Orphanage

Mon, Jun 24, 2013 @ 11:04 AM / by Poorvi Sharma

The Caring fortnight in Bramasol India started with the Women's Committee team visiting “Saraswati Ashram”, an Orphanage catering to an age group of 3-15 years.

The team started the fund raising campaign internally within the Bramasol India office (both in cash and items) and within a matter of six days, collected a reasonable amount of donations in cash and necessities like clothes, pens, books, carpet, vacuum cleaner etc, as well as organized a small treat for the lovely children. The Women's Committee team ensured that they cherished each and every moment spent with the children. They served food, fed them, played with them, danced along with them.

Kudos to the Women’s Committee team and Bramasol employees who came forward for this good cause.


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