Webinar Video: SAP RAR Cloud Platform Gets You Up and Running Quickly

Tue, May 3, 2016 @ 09:15 AM / by Bramasol RevRec Team

The video recording of our latest webinar "Bramasol SAP RAR Cloud Platform Gets You Up and Running Quickly" is now available for viewing online.

In this webinar held live on April 28, 2016, we provide a detailed look at how the SAP RAR application can be used as a cloud-based Revenue Recognition Engine to support rapid modeling of scenarios and testing of concepts. 


Not only is SAP RAR a powerful tool for revenue accounting that integrates seamlessly with SAP ECC; it can be your standalone engine for all your Revenue Recognition regardless of the version of SAP you have or other ERP platform (ie Oracle, Microsoft, Netsuite, etc.)RAasEngineWebinar.png

In the video, we demo SAP RAR as a standalone engine and show you how to get moving quickly towards being #RevRecReady with any ERP platform.

As the leader in SAP Revenue Recognition, Bramasol has been at the forefront of implementing SAP RAR, optimizing Proof-of-Concept usage, integrating dashboards, and creating cloud-based offerings to streamline implementation.

Click here to access the video of this newest webinar as well as all previous webinars in our revenue recognition series.

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