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Bramasol RevRec Webinar Video Recordings


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Webinar videos currently available include:


"SAP RAR - Data Migration and Reporting"
Recorded on September 28, 2017


"Save Time and Money with SAP Real Estate Management - The Latest Features"

Recored on September 12, 2017


"What's New in SAP Lease Administration by Nakisa"
Recorded on August 29, 2017


"SAP RAR Updates on SP03 and Latest RAR Roadmap"
Recorded on August 24, 2017


"Financial Transformation with S/4HANA Cloud ERP and Analytics"
Recorded on August 22, 2017


"Ease the Burden of Complex Disclosure Reporting with Pre-Built Reports"
Recorded on July 28, 2017


"Dual Reporting - How SAP RAR Facilitates Gathering of Key Data"
Recorded on June 28, 2017


"SAP RAR 1.3 and Project Systems Integration"
Recorded on May 25, 2017


Leasing Webinar: "Asc 842 and IFRS 16. How to Transition Over a $3 Trillon Speedbump"  (Recorded on May 11, 2017)


"The Big Reveal: Disclosure Reporting in SAP RAR"
Recorded on April 27, 2017


"SAP RAR Update and BorgWarner Customer Experience"
Recorded on March 30, 2107


"SAP RAR 1.3 - A Deeper Dive into New Functionality"
Recorded on February 23, 2017


"SAP RAR 1.3 - New Features and Functionality"
Recorded on January 26, 2017


"RevRec Reporting - Insights and Analysis Using SAP RAR"

Recorded on December 7, 2016


"Variable Consideration Approaches using SAP RAR"

Recorded on October 27, 2016


"Revenue Recognition is Coming! How Will You Transition: Part 2"

Recorded on September 29, 2016


"Revenue Recognition is Coming! How Will You Transition?"
Recorded on August 31, 2016


"The Big Migration - Critical Data Migration Success Factors for RevRec"
Recorded on July 28, 2016


"SAP RAR 1.2 - The Latest in SAP RAR Functionality"
Recorded on June 23, 2016


"SAP RAR - Using Fiori to Improve Usability and Efficiency"
Recorded on May 26, 2016


"SAP Revenue Accounting - RA 'As an Engine' "

Recorded on April 28, 2016.


"SAP RAR 1.1 - A Dive into New Scenarios"

 Recorded on March 24, 2016.


"SAP RAR 1.1 in Action - Live Demo with Q&A Session"

Recorded on January 21, 2016


"The Truths and Myths of New Revenue Recognition Requirements."

Recorded on December 3, 2015.



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