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Webinar Video- Are your ASC 842 Disclosures Validated? Your Auditors Will Require Proof

Wed, Jan 16, 2019 @ 07:17 AM / by Bramasol Leasing Administration Team

Just as you’ve been preparing to become compliant, audit firms have been preparing as well; determining what and how to verify and validate your disclosures.  Bramasol determined that the best way for you to prove the accuracy of the data in your disclosures was to develop not only drill-through Disclosure Reports but also drill-through Validation reports. Your proof is in the details.

Webinar Video- Are your ASC 842 Disclosures Validated Your Auditors Will Require Proof 3

Join the Bramasol team for this important discussion and to see the series of purpose-built validation reports on topics including:

  • Detailed Listing Validation Report
  • Lease Costs by Period Validation Report
  • Borrowing Rates Validation Report
  • Short Term Leases Validation Report
  • Cash Paid for Leases Validation Report

If you’re thinking to make your auditors happy, this is the webinar for you. Watch Now

Topics: leasing, SAPLeaseAdmin, Disclosure Reoprting

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