Watch the SAP HANA Webinar on YouTube- Get the Basics

Fri, Sep 20, 2013 @ 09:41 AM / by John Froelich

If you happened to miss our last webinar hosted with Secure-24- that's no problem, because you can now watch it at your convenience on YouTube.

SAP HANA is more than just a database- it's a launch pad for business transformation that provides a platform for database, analytics solution and predictive analytics. 

It allows you to run smarter, faster and simpler. 

This webinar will take your through the basics. After watching you'll have some direction on easy steps you can take to get started with confidence knowing you can partner with experts that can guide you through the rest of your HANA journey. 

Check out the webinar and get started today! If you need more resources and information you can also check out our SAP HANA Hub- loaded with analyst reports, guides and helpful resources.

Watch Video

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