"The Subscription Economy" Webinar Recap

Thu, Jul 18, 2013 @ 10:09 AM / by John Froelich

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In case you didn't get a chance to join us, here's a wrap up yesterday's webinar.

Ron Martinez, our telco analyst on the Bramasol team, and I presented on some key market trends related to recurring revenue or subscription based businesses, implications for your company, some what if scenarios, and closed with a high level presentation of the Bramasol Customer Retention and Analytics Solution.

As a veteran of the Telecom Wars between AT&T, MCI and Sprint and as the leader of several eBusiness initiatives for IBM, I understand how important accurate, deep and robust analysis are to subscription based companies. Knowing where to spend and not spend your resources to maximize ROI, grow revenue and/or lower costs is critical.

The traditional models that we think of when we hear “subscription based business” are changing. No longer are they restricted to Telco’s, Internet providers, cable companies or magazines. LinkedIn,, SheKnows, Angie’s List and others companies that are member based have changed the face of business, as have iTunes, Hulu, and even AngryBirds. Companies thought of as more traditional, such as SAP, IBM, GM, and Discount Tire offer subscription or member based services.

47% of businesses are developing or interested in developing recurring revenue models today, meaning that companies must weigh out the risks and opportunities associated with adopting a new model for revenue recognition.

Click the button to watch the recording of our webinar, where we tackle the next steps for businesses to take in order to see what HANA can do with your company's rapidly changing data. We will also walk you through some "what-if" scenarios and show you an overview and brief demonstration of how our Customer Analytics and Retention Solution works.

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