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Expanding and Managing Your Product Mix with Product Matrix Generator

Tue, Jul 9, 2013 @ 11:41 AM / by Doug Hammer

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Got lots of types of products? Chances are you have lots of headaches without a system to make it easier to manage them from inventory to sale. The technology that multi-billion dollar corporations use to monitor their inventory, review products, and track growth is actually available for any size of business. It's a cloud software solution to make your life a bit easier and it works easily with SAP Business ByDesign. With Bramasol's Product Matrix Generator solution you can automatically create a matrix of products based on a pre-defined template product and based on a product model with various product properties that are assigned to a particular product.

So what does that mean? For example, a hockey team may use a POS solution to resell many different kinds of merchandise such as a jersey. Once this jersey is maintained in SAP Business ByDesign with all the various properties, such as size, color, and player, the Bramasol solution would then automatically create the many different products that would appear on the invoice line items and the purchase order line items.

Key Features:

1) Automatically define products based on combinations of properties
2) Ability to select product properties to be used when generating products
3) Copy sales and purchasing information from a template material
4) Review products to be generated before actually saving the products
5) Capture all product generations to track which product matricies have been generated
6) Generate products with up to a maximum of 5 different properties and an unlimited number of values

Want to see how this works? Click and watch the demo above. For more solution information and to purchase this product, visit the SAP Store.

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